• ClientArtAtWillis

  • CategoryWeb Design & Branding

Beautiful artwork by an amazing artist; ArtAtWillis just needed branding and a website to match

ArtAtWillis was founded by a good friend of mine with a passion for creating beautiful artwork. Ali takes her inspiration from the music she listens to and translates it into her art.

Ali came to me when she was looking turn her love for art into something more than just painting for fun. She wanted to create her own brand and begin to sell her work.

I worked with Ali to create the ArtAtWillis logo and branding, a beautifully simplistic website and some basic but effective business stationary. Ali has grown her brand and is now very successfully selling art both via her website and at her many exhibitions.

Take a look at the ArtAtWillis website and maybe buy some art (it’s really good!) –