• ClientMarshmallow

  • CategorySEO & Social Media

Oliver and Alexander, founders of Marshmallow, noticed that people moving to the UK are ripped off by banks, insurers and other financial institutes, and that international drivers born outside of the UK pay huge amounts more for insurance. And they didn’t like it.

Marshmallow was founded to offer fair insurance and significant savings to expats living in the UK and  successfully launched in 2018.

They came to me to help them develop both an SEO strategy and content plan and a social media strategy.

I developed a comprehensive list of search terms they should be targeting, how they should be integrating them into their website and what content they should be producing to maximise the amount of relevant traffic they would get to their website. I did this in multiple languages to be sure all of their target market would find Marshmallow.

Once I had completed the SEO plan, I used this to produce Marshmallow’s social media strategy. I gave them clear guidelines to follow, content to post and metrics to measure.

Marshmallow started implementing our strategy shortly after their launch and have seen fantastic results.

Take a look at Marshmallow. We think what they’re doing is pretty cool –