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Web design trends to look out for in 2020

There are few things in the world of online marketing more satisfying than a beautiful web design that’s a joy to use.

With the world of web design ever-evolving and constantly changing, what are some techniques and trends that our favourite websites are using this year?

Brighten up your day.

We’re seeing more and more modern businesses rejecting the tried, tested and over-used colour palettes in favour of more vibrant choices.

Check out the peachy tones that Spotify have used for their new home page here, or the cool blues and subtle pinks that entice us into their premium offering here. If you’re a fan, you’ll probably like what Securinvest have done here – proving taxation and mortgages don’t have to be dull!

Video, Video, Video.

Website video content is obviously nothing groundbreaking, but it’s becoming increasingly more important to offer your users an Explainer Video so they can quickly work out who you are and what you offer. As 99Designs point out, “you could accomplish the same thing with paragraphs of marketing copy, but an explainer video does so in a much more engaging, streamlined and shareable fashion.”

What’s more, Google has recently made a move toward mixed search page results, featuring video content above standard web pages. This means that prioritising video content can make you more easily searchable and bring in those all-important new eyes to your site.

For some cool examples of new web video content we’ve seen this year, check out these masterful full-screen edits by National Geographic and Land Rover.

Let’s get wavy!

Traditional flat web design saw most businesses build their websites in conventional grids and straight-line patterns. In 2020, we’re seeing much more fluidity in shape and line design as plenty of websites break the old rules.

Just look here for an example of free-thinking design from the digital agency Mawla, or here for a similar feel from Wandering Aimfully.

According to NextWeb, “these types of shapes, ones in which aren’t your typical circle, square, rectangle, or any straight-sided shape are often referred to as fluid or organic shapes.”

Be a weirdo.

Take a look at this page from email marketing provider MailChimp, or this one from tech organisers Airtable. How do those illustrations make you feel?

You may have noticed certain brands incorporating weird and wonderful artwork into their marketing campaigns this year, and that trend exists in web design too. Surreal and abstract design is becoming more and more popular in 2020.

DesignModo think that this “goes back to the idea of emotional connection: Surreal design and abstract design provide a connection for users that they can relate to on their own terms.” It could be down to the crazy state of an uncertain world, or just the fact that modern web designers are realising the need for innovative illustration that breaks the status quo. Whatever the reason, we’re on board!

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