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5 things you can do at home to move your business forward

The world is going through a strange, crazy time right now. A lot of people have been told they cannot go to work, children can’t go to school, and we can’t leave home other than for essentials. But how can we try and use this time to be productive and add value?

From a business point of view, this could be an opportunity to take a step back and assess your marketing activities. Are there things you could be doing now that will help move you forward when things return to normal? Could you be helping others, which will build brand trust and awareness? Could you be preparing a ‘re-launch’ campaign?

Of course, we understand that these points will not be relevant to everyone and will depend on your line of work. But hopefully this post will help you in some way.

1: Learn new things 

We’re often caught up in the day to day that it’s hard to find time to learn new things. There are so many fantastic sources of information available to you online that, however you like to learn, there is something for you. Find a blog, podcast or YouTube channel that can help you improve your knowledge in this ‘downtime’.

Personally, I find I respond well to learning in different ways. Here are my personal top picks that might be worth you checking out:


  • Moz – mainly SEO, but lots of general marketing advice.
  • HubSpot – Content marketing 


  • The Futur – Learning and Q&As for entrepreneurs.
  • Matt D’Avella – General self-improvement and well being. Matt’s videos have changed my life, honestly. 
  • GaryVee – Entrepreneurship, motivation, general coolness. 


Try to set aside some time each day to learn something new that will help benefit you and your business. 

2: Produce Content 

You can use content to promote your business, inform potential customers, build brand, and grow an audience. A lot of businesses I speak to now understand the value of content but struggle to find the time needed to make good quality content.

Content is king. Bill Gates, 1996

You may find yourself in a position now where you have much more free time… So get creating! Articles, podcasts, videos, slideshares and graphics will all be effective. You can either use the content now (like this blog, for example) or bank it for when you are back to business as usual. 

3: Run Facebook/Instagram ads – They are cheap right now 

Facebook & Instagram ads are such a powerful tool in normal times, but even more so right now (depending on how you use them). Peoples desire to consume content has gone up, and business spending has gone down. This means your bang for your buck will be far better than usual. 

Here’s an article that will help you set up your ads effectively. Make a valuable piece of content, put a small amount of money behind it and see what happens. Review, refine and try again! If you get stuck then email me: harry@octagondigital.co.uk, I’m happy to help.

An example… You most likely clicked on this article via a Facebook or Instagram ad. You’ve read this far down the post which hopefully means you’re finding it valuable, and you now know that Octagon Digital exists and offer marketing services and we have hopefully built a bit of brand trust. And that click from Facebook/Instagram cost us less than 1p. I’d say that’s worth it, right?

4: Offer your service/product for free (or at a reduced rate)

Lot’s of businesses, us included, are finding themselves much less busy than usual. If you have the capacity, try offering your service for free or at a reduced rate to those who need it. This has multiple benefits:

  • It makes you feel good 
  • It builds your brand positively 
  • People you help now are much more likely to pay for your services when things are back to normal
  • You will learn from it
  • You can write case studies to use as content 

If you don’t offer a service, maybe there’s something else you can offer? This post by ASRV caught my eye: 

Our Response to COVID-19 // To begin, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to the medical professionals and first…

Posted by ASRV Sportswear on Monday, March 30, 2020

5: Take a step back and review

As most things are on hold at the moment, now is a good time to take a step back and look at your current business activities and assess what works well and what could do with some tweaking. Make a plan that you can implement when business is back to normal. Sometimes it takes something to force us to take the step back, but use it if you can. We have been looking at our content and paid advertising strategy. Taking a critical look and assessing what needs tweaking.

I’d love to hear from you

I hope at least one of these points is useful to you. If you would like to discuss your marketing strategy, ideas for content, how to set up Facebook ads, ideas for where to look for educational content, or anything else then please reach out to me at harry@octagondigital.co.uk. I’ll happily spend some talking you through any of the above points, or anything else (no charge… point 3 😊) 

Shameless plug…

We’re a small team of digital marketing and web design specialists. We founded Octagon to offer agency-level services without agency-level prices and we’re pretty damn good at what we do. We’d love to hear from you if you have any projects you could use help with.