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We Are Octagon Digital.

A team of digital marketing & creative specialists

We are Octagon Digital. We run ads. We do social. We create content. We build brands and drive exceptional revenue for our partners.

Octagon begun life in 2015 as a ‘full service’ marketing agency. We offered any and all marketing services to any and all businesses and did so well. But there were very clearly areas we stood out in…

Using paid ads, social media management and content creation to grow eCommerce businesses. The three elements intrinsically linked as a service. We realised the reason we excelled at this is that we could see directly and without question the return our efforts were generating for our clients. This excited us.

How can we improve these results to make our clients even more money? If we tweak the call to action will our campaigns be 10% more cost-effective? If we use a video rather than an image will click-through rates increase?

So we doubled down on this offering and saw incredible results both for us and the brands we work with. We now specialise and exclusively work with eCommerce businesses looking to rapidly grow their sales and brand. We do so obsessively. Constantly looking for ways of generating better results for our partners.

Today Octagon Digital is working with some of the fastest-growing eCommerce brands in the UK. We’re continuing to evolve, learn and grow. Join us on our journey.

Interested in how we can drive more revenue for you?

"We approached Octagon Digital to help us build our brand in the recruitment industry. The content creation has been a fantastic way of building authority within our audience and is highly sharable. The way that Octagon have managed to create such well-informed content and form such engaging posts about something they have no prior experience in still baffles us!"

Sam, Hansen Filler

"Since we began working with Octagon Digital our audience engagement has gone through the roof. They produce both written article content and edited video interview content for us on a monthly basis and are regularly updating our social profiles with updates. We’ve seen an amazing uplift in sign-ups so far and can’t wait to continue building on this success. "

Elle, The Transition Phase

“Octagon have been amazing in exposing my products to greater audiences and are truly dedicated to making my business successful. The content they create for us paired with their SMM and paid ads have so far seen a nearly 400% increase in website traffic, 275% growth in our database size and a 14 ROAS. They really go above and beyond normal requirements and are always looking to find the best solution at the right time."

Toby, Drop Shot UK Owner

“Octagon have been instrumental in improving our output of content and audience engagement. They have seamlessly taken it to another level. We have seen a 610% increase in followers, 18 ROAS, and 509% total sales growth while working with them. It’s amazing. Most importantly they listen to what we are trying to achieve would like to achieve and put forward a plethora of their own informed and useful suggestions.”

Susan, Sewbox

“Octagon launched our brand, manage our content creation and our advertising campaigns. We have seen a 25% increase in sales, 77% increase in web traffic and 10 ROAS. It’s business changing stuff!””

Harry, Apex

“The work Octagon have done for us has been game changing. The imagery is just stunning, video really works and the written content is getting so much engagement. The way they seamlessly feed this in to the social media management and paid advertising has meant that our whole digital marketing function is taken care of to a really high standard.”

Dinaz, Iter

Grow your business.