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Paid Social Media Advertising Agency

We make B2C brands more money through intelligent social media advertising.

We Run Ads.

We run ads. Ads that make money, build brands, drive growth and cost less. We run ads with purpose and clear, measurable targets. If you are looking for a paid social media advertising agency that takes the time to understand your business, your goals and your audience then we are the team for you.

Paid social media advertising can be extraordinarily powerful if done correctly. You have the ability to reach billions of consumers and target them based on interests, demographics, location, purchase behaviour and much more.

But all too often we see good businesses running poor ad campaigns, wasting them time and money. We’re on a mission to change that, one conversion at a time.

We help eCommerce & B2C brands maximise their ad spend and revenue with thorough research, testing, creativity and experience. Every client we take on is seen as a partner.

When we work together you will have access to a dedicated group of paid social specialists that spend all day every day in these platforms searching for ways to improve your ROI and generate you more income. Your success is our success.

“Octagon launched our brand, manage our content creation and our advertising campaigns. We have seen a 25% increase in sales, 77% increase in web traffic and 10 ROAS. It’s business changing stuff!””

Harry, Apex

“Octagon have been instrumental in improving our output of content and audience engagement. We have seen a 610% increase in followers, 18 ROAS, and 509% total sales growth while working with them. They have seamlessly taken it to another level, it’s amazing.”

Susan, Sewbox

“Octagon have been great at exposing my products to greater audiences and are truly dedicated to making my business successful. We have seen a 400% increase in website traffic, 275% growth in our database size and a 14 ROAS. They really go above and beyond normal requirements and are always looking to find the best solution at the right time.”

Toby, Drop Shot UK Owner

Our Process

We never simply turn ads on, cross our fingers and hope for the best. We have a comprehensive system we follow that enables us to find the optimal audiences, creatives and ad types to maximise your ROI.

Audience Research

Who is your target audience? What social networks do they spend time on? How will your product or service benefit them? What might stop them placing an order or getting in touch? Do you have existing customer data that we can tap into? We’ll answer all of these questions at the beginning of our process when looking to identify the most cost-effective demographics to target.

Ad Creative & Copy

A good creative is essential for successful social media ads. It needs to stop people mid scroll, grab their attention and tell them what you product/service is and why they need it, all in a split second. This kind of creative takes time and research to perfect. Thankfully we’re very good at it.

Optimisation & Testing

Every penny we spend is for a reason and with a goal in mind. As soon as we start spending money we will be keeping a close eye on our tracking metrics to see what is working and what needs improvement. Informed with this knowledge we’ll make the necessary adjustments and go again. Repeating this process means our ads will get consistently more effective and drive cost per result down and revenue up.


Everything we do is completely transparent. At the end of each month we will supply you with a simple, easy to understand report. You’ll be able to see where your money is being spent, what you’re getting in return, and we will be able to see what we need to do to generate even stronger results.

Grow your business.

Generate more sales online.

We are flexible

Social media advertising platforms we utilise

We prioritise the social media advertising platforms where your target audience spends time…

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