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Social Media Services.

Social Media management services, however you need it.

We all know that businesses have to be on social media, but using it correctly is key. Done well social media can add massive brand exposure, increased SEO rankings and be used as a direct sales channel. Done poorly and it can massively damage your name.

We help businesses with their social media management. Whether simply consulting, content creation, running social advertising or full social media management services.

A service to suit you...

We don’t have set social media management packages. Every business and campaign is unique, so the work we do for you should be unique too. 

Strategy & Planning

We will work with you to understand your business and goals, and tailor a plan to fit. 

social media managment

We can manage your social media day to day. From content creation to community management to content creation.


Everything is done for a reason. We’ll have regular reporting sessions to review what’s working and what needs changing.

"Octagon have been instrumental in improving the social media side of my business and have seamlessly taken it to another level."
Sewbox - Octagon Digital Social Media Case Study
Susan Stevenson

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